Functional Nutritional Services

Leverage the power of food to restore health.

Strengthening systems with natural treatments and nutrients

Conscious Medicine for Humanity believes that your biochemical make-up is unique to you as an individual and that testing and correcting for nutrient deficiencies can provide critical information that can help you deeply understand your own body.

Functional nutrition gets at the heart of your health, whatever the signs, symptoms, or diagnosis. A functional approach to nutrition creates individualized diet and lifestyle plans. It does so by looking at the functions of biological systems in the body and the ways they interact with each other in their internal environment and how these systems might interact with their external environment.

Functional nutrition leverages the power of food to restore health, energy, and the body’s own capacity to heal itself.

Every person is biochemically unique. We all have different nutritional needs based on hereditary factors, environmental factors, diets, lifestyle choices, and even phases of life. To find out what your individual needs are, getting your nutrient levels tested is critical.

Extensive clinical lab testing allows us to look at your internal environment and which systems are imbalanced, giving us access to objective data that will help us develop an individualized nutritional plan.

Medical Weight Loss

Medical weight loss is the safest path for a person to lose weight, whether it’s only a few pounds or over 100. We can work with you to design a diet and fitness regimen that will be the key to your weight loss. We’ll monitor your health and your progress so that we can take proactive and responsive steps to stay on track of your tailored regimen. Included in our program is an educational component. This way, you’ll build up your own empowerment toward developing lifestyle habits that promote the life you want. 

Together we will give you all the comprehensive information and options you need to make an informed decision on whether medical weight loss is right for you.

To learn more about our weight loss program, contact us and speak with our specialist.

Prolon – A fasting mimicking diet

Based upon two decades of research sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Aging, a division of the NIH, as well as research and clinical trials at the University of Southern California, Conscious Medicine for Humanity offers ProLon, a meal program that mimics fasting.

This fasting-mimicking meal program has proven to be effective in addressing key health factors involved in improving the aging process.

ProLon is a fasting-mimicking and enhancing diet that manages to be low calorie, low protein, low carbohydrate, and high nourishment. ProLon provides you with a combination of foods and ingredients able to reprogram the body into a mode of cellular regeneration and rejuvenation, resetting the body’s natural ability to handle stress. Results include reduced body weight and abdominal fat while preserving lean body mass. Additional results include healthy glucose levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

More importantly, people report a remarkable improvement in energy levels, healthier looking skin, and empowerment in creating healthier eating habits.

ProLon is a plant-based 5-day meal program based on clinical studies and a proprietary combination of ingredients. Meals consist of scientifically formulated, highly nourishing soups, bars, snacks, teas, drinks, and supplements that are either ready to eat or easy to prepare. These proprietary preparations are designed to mimic and enhance the effects of fasting while minimizing its inconvenience and potential adverse effects. The meal program provides about 1150 calories on day 1 and about 800 calories on days 2-5.

Only 5 days per month make it a practical meal program and easy to follow. Day-by-day packaging makes it convenient. A great tasting variety of delicious flavors keeps you motivated and satisfied throughout the program.

To implement the program effectively, a nutritional coach will walk you through the program when you are ready to commit to your fasting journey.

We are located  near Atlanta

Conscious Medicine has an Integrative Anti-Aging Center near Atlanta, Georgia, which is physically based in Gwinnett County. With the best solutions for anti-aging in the Atlanta area through a Functional medicine treatment center approach, Conscious Medicine offers the best in private consulting doctors. And we believe that’s what makes Conscious Medicine the best anti-aging treatment center the Atlanta area has to offer.

 We have been in existence for a long time in the field of Integrative and Functional Medicine practices, with a good patient satisfaction rate.

 We have all of the health treatment packages needed for you to improve your health functionally and nutritionally, in restoring your body’s natural vitality and ability to heal itself. Functional medicine applies a systems-based approach in a therapeutic partnership between patient and practitioner to directly address the underlying causes of disease. Our treatments aim at the causes of disease, not symptoms.

 We use Nutritional treatments in strengthening your body systems with nutrients to achieve optimal health and wellness, to prevent chronic diseases. Current medical literature reports that many conditions can be prevented by having adequate levels of certain nutrients in the body.

 In Anti-Aging Medicine, stem cells are the building blocks from which all repair, regeneration, and healing of the body arise. Hormones are responsible for helping cells communicate with their specific organ functions and can directly influence mood, metabolism, energy, libido, and even sleep.