“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.”


Dr. Tru is a medical provider who will help you identify and heal the root cause of ill health.

For patients who want more say in their health. Conscious Medicine is a Integrative Functional Medicine practice, where Western and Eastern Medicine come together to restore health in your body and mind.

I was at a crossroads early in my medical practice.

My first patient had cancer and I had to break the news to her.

To make matters worse, I did not have answers to questions she asked me, such as what foods to eat and what diets to consider.

I was flooded with memories of my own experience as a patient. I had to undergo one major surgery that led to lots of additional questions and complications and eventually to another surgery. Doctors told me that I would never have children. Lo and behold, I had a beautiful baby boy. This miracle was followed by a long bout of severe depression. I felt like I had nowhere to turn. But I knew there had to be a way out.

Too often, we treat symptoms and leave underlying causes unaddressed.

So, in 2015, I began to look at how and why illness occurs and how to restore health by addressing the root causes of disease.

If you have ever tried to see your medical provider about an issue you want to learn more about or want their help with, you know that the insurance-controlled model that governs how medical practices operate is frustrating.

The insurance-based medical system makes it impossible for your doctor to invest more than 15 minutes of their time with you.

How can you possibly get their help in creating a plan for your health?

The current system is set up so that you don’t get the doctor you want, you don’t get to see them when you want, and you don’t get the care you want.

After I began my research in 2015, I decided to start Conscious Medicine to remove these barriers and leave behind a medical model that leaves both patient and doctor unsatisfied.

More than that, I opened Conscious Medicine to heal patients by addressing the root cause/s of the disruption in their health.

You are a dynamic living system that functions best when balanced.

I am committed to working with and empowering you to manage that balance between your health and well-being.

I will spend the time necessary with you to get to the root causes of the health issues blocking you from your own vitality.

My innovative and integrative assessments are designed to help you access and witness the barriers in your health. Together, we will come up with a plan to restore healthy functionality to your bodily, mental, and emotional sub-systems. We will focus on healing at the cellular level by altering the environment within your physical body and the environment you come into contact with every day.

Start restoring your body’s natural vitality and ability to heal itself today.

Finding a therapeutic match is crucial in getting the most out of your medical care. I’ll ask a few preliminary questions to make sure that we are a good fit. 

Call me.

Or, if you have a quick question, email me.

Your Care Team

Truc Nguyen, MD  “Dr. Tru”

President & Medical Director

Dr. Tru studied medicine at Ross University in Florida after studying at the University of Georgia and Georgia State University. After her medical education, Dr. Tru trained in family medicine at Gwinnett Medical Center.

Her entry into the world of functional medicine began in 2015 when her own medical dilemmas confronted her. Faced with tough decisions, she started searching for solutions outside of the proverbial box. Once she started looking at food as medicine, she fell in love with the natural nourishment and vitality-giving power of food. She has become inspired by the beauty and strength embedded in the natural abilities of the human body to heal itself.

Family medicine doctor Karla Booker at Gwinnett has been instrumental in the direction that Dr. Tru has taken her practice. Dr. Tru received her certification at the Institute for Functional Medicine and has also earned board certification in stem cell medicine. She is currently a fellow at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Ana Marcos

Neuro Muscular Rebalancing Specialist

As a mother, healer, small business owner, former corporate professional, and life-long student, Ana understands the demands of “life”! She is here to help provide therapeutic relief to muscle aches and pain caused by stress, overuse, or previous injuries. She uniquely integrates Western and Eastern modalities to help restore healthy flow throughout the body, so that a client can return to the daily activities he/she enjoys doing and move through life as desired.

As a Georgia (# MT011265) Licensed & CA Certified (# 48194) Massage Therapist, Ana integrates Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapy with her training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, yoga, qigong, energy work, and meditation to help her clients lead balanced and healthier lives. She is trained to restore the bodyʼs natural ability to heal by holistically attending to the physical, mental & spiritual well-being of her clients. With this training, her experience working in chiropractic, fitness, wellness, and spa settings, and specializing in working with neck, shoulder, and back pain, she is a critical element of the integrative approach to CMED to Conscious Medicine’s lifestyle management practice.

Ana’s healing journey started with practicing meditation in the late 1990s. Her personal experience with acupuncture, chiropractic care, yoga, and integrative bodywork treatments brought much-needed relief to her chronic neck and shoulder tightness, low back and hip pain, jaw tension, and teeth grinding issues. After experiencing marked improvement in her own health, Ana was inspired to learn more and help others experience the benefits of mind-body medicine. In 2004, Ana started her graduate training in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Los Angeles, California, and later continued her studies in Northern California. She has 10+ years of training in Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and nutrition, and several Asian bodywork modalities, including Tuina, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, and energetic healing arts such as Qigong and Feng Shui. She integrates her natural gift of healing touch, training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and several therapeutic massage and bodywork styles to help facilitate the bodyʼs natural ability to heal and regain balance.

In addition to Neuromuscular Rebalancing Massage Therapy, Ana currently teaches kids and adult yoga and will complete a graduate program in Integrative Functional Nutrition, in Spring 2020. She is a certified Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapy and Health Educator (1350 hours) from the National Holistic Institute in Southern California and received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, San Diego.

Debbie Tejada

Director of Clinical Operations

Deborah Tejada is known to the team as “Debbie,” she is reliable, friendly, and responsible. Her peers recognize her as someone on whom they can depend. She serves others with an informed approach that recognizes the importance of empathy and client-education.

 Debbie administers the IV treatments and bloodwork at Conscious medicine. With over a decades worth of experience sticking people with needles, Debbie has a skill for making needles almost painless.

In addition to her role as an IV technician, she serves as a Medical Coordinator, Debbie manages a considerable list of responsibilities but somehow makes it look easy. 

Originally from New York, she moved to Georgia in 1996. She feels that her time in New York diversified her life, allowing her to enjoy and experience the abundant diversity of culture. When she isn’t working, she is hiking with her “Furbaby” Sparky.

The proof is in our patients.

Incredible healing is the function of effective healthcare.

This woman has helped me repair my pre-diabetes. Lost 27 lbs and life is just wonderful.

– Valerie, 48

I learned more in just 30 minutes working with Doctor Tru about my body than I did in 14 years of school.

– Adalia, 37

I can’t explain how valuable this was for me. Dr.Tru fixed every single problem I was experiencing.

– Mariah, 31

I thought Doctors just gave out pills, and those pills had trade offs. I didn’t expect to purchase complete freedom when I signed up for Investigative Medicine but that’s what I got. 

– Mark, 24

Get conscious about your health.