You are healthier than you think.

Conscious Medicine will restore your body’s natural vitality and its ability to heal itself

What We Do Is Get to the Root Cause.

There are four main services we provide on your journey to your best health

Life Style Management

We help you identify, achieve and manage the lifestyle you want

Functional Nutrition IV Therapy

We incorporate highly absorbable IV infusions of vitamins and minerals 

Lab Data Assessment

We run labs that give us a baseline from which we chart your personalized path

Neuro Muscular Rebalancing

We restore the mind-body connection to any area of the body

Your Care Team.

The secret ingredient to patient success? Our unique Patient-Doctor partnership.

Truc Nguyen, MD

Truc Nguyen, MD

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Dr.Tru joined the world of integrative medicine when she became frustrated by the lack of healing provided by traditional medicine. After all, she became a Doctor to help people, and not to give them pills that made them sicker. Doctor Tru believes firmly in finding the root of a person’s suffering through careful research and testing. “We check, not guess.” Fed up with the impersonal nature of most medical practices, Dr.Tru approaches patients with compassion, offering them as much time as is needed to overcome their issues or concerns.

Ana Marcos

Ana Marcos

Health Coach

Ana’s highschool instructor told her, “You can do whatever you want to do, but the thing I want you to do; is to find out what’s true.” Ana took this to heart. She came to understand that her truth was helping you realize your truth and the fulfillment of a mind and body in harmony.

Ana calls upon her vast experience with eastern and western modalities to free her clients from muscular tension, stress, and the pain of previous injuries, through advanced neuromuscular rebalancing. Ana knows that your body seeks to heal itself, and she will train you to live a lifestyle of healing inside and outside the office.

Debbie Tejada

Debbie Tejada

Patient Advocate

Deborah Tejada serves at CMED as a Medical Coordinator, client experience manager, and IV therapist. Deborah “Debbie” addresses the needs and concerns of clients with confidence and empathy. She knows how a bad experience in healthcare can keep people from furthering their healing journey, and strives to deliver the best service possible to prevent that. With her 13 years of experience in functional medicine, you are in good hands.

How we care for you.

Conscious Medicine for Humanity charges the lowest possible fees for the highest possible quality. Browse through our services below. We look forward to joining you on your journey toward conscious health.

The proof is in our patients.

Incredible healing is the function of effective healthcare.

This woman has helped me repair my pre-diabetes. Lost 27 lbs and life is just wonderful.

– Valerie, 48

I learned more in just 30 minutes working with Doctor Tru about my body than I did in 14 years of school.

– Adalia, 37

I can’t explain how valuable this was for me. Dr.Tru fixed every single problem I was experiencing.

– Mariah, 31

I thought Doctors just gave out pills, and those pills had trade offs. I didn’t expect to purchase complete freedom when I signed up for Investigative Medicine but that’s what I got. 

– Mark, 24

Get conscious about your health.