Medical Weight Loss Management

Gaining health to lose weight.

Weight Loss is a Function of Good Health

The inability to achieve weight loss is a symptom of an underlying health issue. Conscious Medicine helps our patients find and address the root cause so they can get healthy in order to lose weight.

All too often, the underlying conditions preventing weight loss are ignored in favor of scapegoating genetics or wayward hormones. A large number of Americans struggle to lose weight while eating what they think are “healthy foods” and fail fad diets that don’t address the root cause. With this in mind it’s quite reasonable for people to conclude there is just something “unfixable” and wrong with them when it comes to losing weight.

Truthfully genetics plays a minor role in weight loss. The hormonal imbalances that prevent weight loss are actually just symptoms of underlying dysfunctions that can be tackled through natural means, as they are caused by eating food or consuming medicine incompatible with human body chemistry. Take, for example, how our medical weight loss program has helped women reverse the symptoms of the hormonal disorder PCOS entirely while helping them achieve weight loss. 

Medical weight loss is the safest path for a person to lose weight, whether it’s only a few pounds or over 100. We can work with you to design a diet and fitness regimen that will be the key to your weight loss. We’ll monitor your health and your progress so that we can take proactive and responsive steps to stay on track of your tailored regimen. Included in our program is an educational component. This way, you’ll build up your own empowerment toward developing lifestyle habits that promote the life you want. 

Together we will give you all the comprehensive information and options you need to make an informed decision on whether medical weight loss is right for you.
To learn more about our weight loss program, contact us, and speak with our specialist.

Strengthening systems with natural treatments and nutrients

Conscious Medicine believes that your biochemical make-up is unique to you as an individual and that testing and correcting for nutrient deficiencies can provide critical information that can help you deeply understand your own body.

Functional nutrition gets at the heart of your health, whatever the signs, symptoms, or diagnosis. A functional approach to nutrition creates individualized diet and lifestyle plans. It does so by looking at the functions of biological systems in the body and the ways they interact with each other in their internal environment and how these systems might interact with their external environment.

Functional nutrition leverages the power of food to restore health, energy, and the body’s own capacity to heal itself.

Every person is biochemically unique. We all have different nutritional needs based on hereditary factors, environmental factors, diets, lifestyle choices, and even phases of life. To find out what your individual needs are, getting your nutrient levels tested is critical.
Extensive clinical lab testing allows us to look at your internal environment and which systems are imbalanced, giving us access to objective data that will help us develop an individualized nutritional plan.

Prolon – A fasting mimicking diet

Based upon two decades of research sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Aging, a division of the NIH, as well as research and clinical trials at the University of Southern California, Conscious Medicine for Humanity offers ProLon, a meal program that mimics fasting.

This fasting-mimicking meal program has proven to be effective in addressing key health factors involved in improving the aging process.

ProLon is a fasting-mimicking and enhancing diet that manages to be low calorie, low protein, low carbohydrate, and high nourishment. ProLon provides you with a combination of foods and ingredients able to reprogram the body into a mode of cellular regeneration and rejuvenation, resetting the body’s natural ability to handle stress. Results include reduced body weight and abdominal fat while preserving lean body mass. Additional results include healthy glucose levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

More importantly, people report a remarkable improvement in energy levels, healthier looking skin, and empowerment in creating healthier eating habits.

ProLon is a plant-based 5-day meal program based on clinical studies and a proprietary combination of ingredients. Meals consist of scientifically formulated, highly nourishing soups, bars, snacks, teas, drinks, and supplements that are either ready to eat or easy to prepare. These proprietary preparations are designed to mimic and enhance the effects of fasting while minimizing its inconvenience and potential adverse effects. The meal program provides about 1150 calories on day 1 and about 800 calories on days 2-5.

Only 5 days per month make it a practical meal program and easy to follow. Day-by-day packaging makes it convenient. A great tasting variety of delicious flavors keeps you motivated and satisfied throughout the program.

To implement the program effectively, a nutritional coach will walk you through the program when you are ready to commit to your fasting journey.

The proof is in our patients.

Incredible healing is the function of effective healthcare.

This woman has helped me repair my pre-diabetes. Lost 27 lbs and life is just wonderful.

– Valerie, 48

I learned more in just 30 minutes working with Doctor Tru about my body than I did in 14 years of school.

– Adalia, 37

I can’t explain how valuable this was for me. Dr.Tru fixed every single problem I was experiencing.

– Mariah, 31

I thought Doctors just gave out pills, and those pills had trade offs. I didn’t expect to purchase complete freedom when I signed up for Investigative Medicine but that’s what I got. 

– Mark, 24


How do you guarantee results?

We don’t, the science does. Your plan will be based on the science behind the factors at play in your unique body chemistry. If you follow the program, you’ll get the results, because it was made for you.

Functional Medicine Doctors Covered by Insurance, and why we don't accept insurance.

If you’ve been searching for “Functional Medicine that accepts insurance near me”, you’ve found that no one accepts insurance. No legitimate integrative functional medicine center takes insurance near Atlanta, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Buckhead, Johns Creek, or Alpharetta. Even if you widen the scope of your search well-past gwinnett county for functional medicine doctors that take insurance you’ll see no one does, not even cross-country.

The reason is simple. In order to uphold the integrity of the regulations set in place by the board of International Functional Medicine, Legitimate certified Functional Medicine Doctors must utilize procedures that are not covered by insurance companies. We use laboratory testing unavailable to standard medical practices that are constrained by the limits of their partnerships with insurance companies.

This frustrates people who don’t want to pay lots of money upfront for the transformational medical care functional medicine practitioners have to offer.

So, we’ve done something about it, we’ve one-upped insurances companies and created a membership that offers many of the same benefits as insurance, and saves you money. Alternatively, we do accept CARE credit.

All of our pricing is transparent. Conscious Medicine follows International Functional Medicine guidelines. Functional Medicine Doctors Covered by Insurance do not exist for long because in order to follow those guidelines they are unable competitively provide the level of transformational care functional medicine practices unrestricted by insurance companies are known for.

As professionals, we see our delivery of affordable transformative care as our patriotic duty. Your pursuit of happiness life depends on your health.
We are focused on giving the best care for the lowest price. As professionals, we see our delivery of affordable and transformative care as our patriotic duty. After-all your pursuit of happiness in life depends on your health.

How does this save me money if I can't use insurance?

Good question! Even without our membership It’s elementary math.
The cost of a standard medical bill is around $250 for an appointment that only lasts 8 minutes long!

With our appointments, you’re getting the undivided attention of a medical professional for up to 90 minutes. That’s nearly ten times the value for your time!
Aside from stretching the value of your dollar, we can help ween you off prescriptions safely and naturally. Our treatment plans are made with the goal of getting you better so that you don’t have to keep making appointments.

Your health is your most important investment, and often the most overlooked.

Most people spend more than $13k per year on rent or property payments, spread across an entire year that is over 35 dollars out of their pocket every single day!

The one house you can’t move out of is your body. What are you willing to do to make sure that you aren’t evicted from it?

Are you willing to put down the equivalent of 5 dollars a day for one year to add years to your lease on life?

You should be!

Can I get an insurance superbill?

Yes, we can give you a superbill for our services for you to submit to insurance.

Do labs cost extra?

Yes. Doctor Tru may deem it necessary to order lab testing to provide a more effective treatment plan.

Insurance will not cover labs. Previously when we worked with insurance companies, our clients had to pay double the cost of their labs.

Inconvenient as this may be, it is because the labs we offer are cutting edge and have yet to be adopted into standard medical practices.

How do you determine if labs are necessary?

It’s case by case.

You will likely be recommended lab testing specific to discovering what exactly is holding your health and happiness hostage.

As medical professionals, we “Test not guess.”, to get to the root cause of your health problems.

We do not standardize any labs for testing, because the book we play by is written by your circumstances.

Your Doctor will use the information she gets from labs to begin to isolate the imbalances preventing your body from rebalancing to a healthy state.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

You can easily cancel an appointment at any time. We ask that you cancel 24 hours before the appointment, or you will be charged.

Do you also work with children and teens?

No, we do not.

Do I need to go to an office for lab testing?

Our most commonly recommended lab test for stress management is used to expose the activity of your adrenals and stress hormones. It is non-invasive and can be sent to your home with ease.

Ultimately it depends on the test, as some may require bloodwork.

To follow CDC sanitation and safety protocols, we only accept one patient at a time in our office, wear proper PPE, and disinfect behind them.

How are you still in business if your goal is to get people better?

Sometimes we get calls from skeptical users who learned about our practice over the internet.

Most of our new patients come from the friends, families, and coworkers of the people whose lives we’ve transformed, and that’s enough to provide us with a steady stream of patients.

We do what we do to make a difference. When we make a difference, other people see the chance to get what someone else got.

We are located in Duluth, Gwinnett County


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