Notice Significant Improvement in your health after 3 months.

Available throughout the United States

Your journey is unique.

86% of patients achieve their health goals in 3 months using our Holistic approach to Functional Medicine

Virtual Care Team

Partner with a doctor who’ll give you and your concerns their undivided attention.

Investigative Medical Analysis

Get to the root cause with analysis and sophisticated testing.

The Missing Piece

Heal from the inside out with practical solutions based on the data you body provides.

Our patients are achieving success with:

 Digestive Disorders

Heart Disease

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


Hormonal Imbalances

Thyroid Conditions


Chronic Stress


Autoimmune Conditions

Acid Reflux/GERD

High Blood Pressure

Weight Loss

Skin Disorders

Neurological & Psychiatric Conditions

How I-Medicine works.

1. Discover the culprit(s)

Partner with your doctor to uncover the root cause behind your biggest health concern. They’ll develop your personalized I-med plan for results in 90 days.

2. Focus on your concern

The journey towards your best health is a story written by your unique body chemistry. Apply your plan, tailored nutrition, activity recommendations, supplements, and prescriptions if needed. You’ll have easy access to your care team who’ll help you keep on target and moving forward.

3. Own your health

Investigative Functional Medicine creates real results. 86% of patients achieve meaningful improvement in just 90 days. 75% of patients are able to reduce or eliminate their need for prescription medications.

Your Care Team.

The secret ingredient to patient success? Our unique Patient-Doctor partnership.

Truc Nguyen, MD

Truc Nguyen, MD

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Trained in functional medicine and board certified. She specializes in clinically effective investigative and integrative approaches to treating your health concerns.

Ana Marcos

Ana Marcos

Health Coach

Your biggest cheerleader, helping you to efficiently and easily apply your program, keeping you on the path to your goals. She specializes in functional nutrition, integrative stress relief, and neuromuscular rebalancing.

Debbie Tejada

Debbie Tejada

Patient Advocate

Takes the hassle out of understanding your options for insurance reimbursement, sets up lab testing, and ensures you are getting the care you deserve. She’s your point of contact, liaison, and appointment scheduler. She specializes in clinical coordination, patient care management, and intravenous therapies.

The proof is in our patients.

Incredible healing is the function of effective healthcare.

This woman has helped me repair my pre-diabetes. Lost 27 lbs and life is just wonderful.

– Valerie, 48

I learned more in just 30 minutes working with Doctor Tru about my body than I did in 14 years of school.

– Adalia, 37

I can’t explain how valuable this was for me. Dr.Tru fixed every single problem I was experiencing.

– Mariah, 31

I thought Doctors just gave out pills, and those pills had trade offs. I didn’t expect to purchase complete freedom when I signed up for Investigative Medicine but that’s what I got. 

– Mark, 24


Why choose Conscious Medicine?

Despite being one of the wealthiest countries 90% of the healthcare costs in the USA are because of chronic lifestyle-driven diseases. Our practice utilizes Investigative Functional Medicine to get to the root cause of disease, which means we use cutting-edge lab testing, nutrition, and lifestyle managements to make recommendations that make a difference.

How do I know if this is right for me?

If what you want is to tackle your biggest concern and see improvements in a short period of time – our program will grant you a compassionate, personalized, and effective approach to your goals. You’ll work with our Doctor and Health coach to decode the factors at play in your unique body chemistry and lifestyle that are holding your ideal health hostage.

What's the I-Medicine program?
I-medicine stands for Investigative Medicine, but we call it “I-med” because our patients say it’s like “medicine made for me”

Our program is a 90 day long plan to address the health concern most important to you at this time. Your membership gives you 2 doctor visits, 3 coaching visits, and unlimited Care Team messaging.

To start, you’ll speak with your Patient Navigator, she stands guide you through your membership.
With your first visit with either your Doctor or Health coach, who will conduct a thorough Investigative medical intake and help you implement lifestyle changes.

In the intake they will explore your medical, emotional and psycho-spiritual history in depth. They will address your concerns regarding your symptoms, the existence of any mental stressors, your current emotional state, and the health of your relationships, along with your lifelong medical history, your lifestyle, and habits. This appointment usually lasts up to 90 minutes.

Next your Doctor will order “test instead of guess” the best path to your goals. They will order and review personalized testing panels. Many of these panels can be convienently sent to your home.

Finally your care team will work together with you to create an effective and comprehensive to target your health concerns directly, supporting you each step of the way.

Can I get prescriptions filled through my I-medicine program?

Yes. Your Doctor will be able to prescribe you medication if it is warranted.

What if I want to continue my care after my program?
Appointment costs
60 minute: $250
45 minute: $200
30 minute: $150
Will I be able to get personalized testing and bloodwork?
Absolutely! Many of our tests can be delivered to your house directly. Blood work will require you

Costs for lab testing, blood work, and supplements are not included in the membership price, though blood work can usually be covered by insurance.
Please contact your insurance company before completing blood work to understand your coverage, so that you’re not surprised by any unexpected costs. Generally specialty tests range in cost from $100 – $350. Some of our more advanced lab testing panels are more expensive and all pricing is transparent at the time of recommendation. All testing, however, is completely optional. We’re here to help answer your questions along the way!

Where is this available?

The I-Med program is currently available only online in the state of Georgia – via secure video appointments. Our practice is in Duluth Georgia where we accept in-person appointments for IV Therapy and Labs. Contact us if you have questions.

Why don't functional medicine doctors take insurance?
Functional Medicine and Insurance
We are considered an out of network provider so we do not take insurance. However you can submit to insurance for out of network reimbursement. Many of our patients get up to 70% reimbursed. You can also use FSA/HSA.

In order to uphold the integrity of the regulations set in place by the Institute of Functional Medicine, legitimate certified Functional Medicine Doctors make use of specialty testing panels that are not covered in the traditional way by insurance companies.

To deliver real results we use laboratory testing unavailable to standard medical practices that are constrained by the limits of their partnerships with insurance companies.

Get conscious about your health.