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What is Functional Medicine?

Biology-based approach to health care focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of health issues rather than just treating symptoms.
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What Makes Best Functional Medicine Doctor Alpharetta Different?

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Conventional Medicine

Acute care, urgent care, surgical care, emergency care at the core
Doctor utilize medication, procedures, and/or surgeries
Pharmaceutical & disease management based approach
Medications suppress symptoms & cause adverse side effects
Every patient is treated the same regardless of their health ailment
Disease & symptoms are the focus
Long-term reliance on medication
Disjointed healthcare is in charge of our health & wellbeing

Functional Medicine

Quality & preventative healthcare are the core
Doctors guide, educate & empower patients
Supplement & nutrition based support
Body’s innate healing intelligence is restored
Patient centered care is personalized to individual’s biochemistry
Health & wellbeing are the focus
Gets to the root of the underlying cause of disease
Helping you synergistically restore balance in all areas of your life

How does it work?

Functional Medicine Atlanta

Functional Medicine Alpharetta

The best functional medicine doctor Alpharetta applies a systems-based approach in a therapeutic partnership between patient and practitioner to directly address the underlying causes of disease.

Best Functional Medicine Doctor

At Conscious Healing, I have designed an approach to working with you that combines the best of conventional medicine with the best functional medicine doctor Alpharetta.
We call it the Conscious Healing Matrix.


Sustaining Vitality

We use this matrix to assess three main areas of your health: your body, mind, and mind-body connection. Then, based on how your circumstance fits into this matrix, we tailor your care, assisting you in putting into practice unique therapeutic techniques that will result in the behavioral adjustments necessary to maintain vitality in the best Functional Medicine Doctor Alpharetta.

Functional Medicine at its core

Where Conventional Medicine Falls Short, How Does Functional Medicine Help?
Functional medicine is fundamentally customized medical treatment.

It's a way of looking at health founded on the idea that your body is one extensive, integrated system.

The foundation of conventional medicine as it is currently practiced is an artificial compartmentalization and segregation of the body's many organ systems. Therefore, the main goal of treatment is to reduce a disease's symptoms.

Functional Medicine practitioner starts by treating the individual underlying causes of disease to restore health. A thorough understanding of your genetic, biochemical, and behavioral components is the first step in functional medicine. We've learned from science that a single condition can have numerous causes and that a single cause can result in numerous conditions.

Best Functional Medicine doctor Alpharetta aims to understand the underlying causes of symptoms. It approaches your health with a special methodology for locating and addressing underlying triggers in order to help you realize this.

Treatments target the root causes of the illness, not its symptoms. Additionally, as no two persons are exactly the same, the course of treatment for two individuals with the same condition may be very different.


Environmental Exposures

We must combine what we know about the human body with individualized, patient-centered, science-based care. Because of this, we are able to address the causes of complex, persistent diseases that are brought on by lifestyle choices, exposures to the environment, and genetic factors.

Conventional Clinical

The conventional clinical model that we’re familiar with is not effective by itself in treating or preventing disease. The well-known traditional clinical model is insufficient in and of itself to treat or prevent disease.

Practicing Medicine

One thing that is clear is that the interaction between our environments, our lifestyles, and our genetics is the primary driver of chronic disease. The model we have inherited, however, was not designed to take into account these relationships. Modern clinical models are needed to practice medicine in the twenty-first century for functional medicine doctor Alpharetta.

Why is it better?

Functional Medicine Atlanta

We are located in Alpharetta, Fulton County

In Fulton County, Georgia, we offer integrative, practical, and holistic lifestyle management services. Natural holistic healing, functional nutrition, and integrative functional healthcare are supported by Conscious Medicine. Dr. Truc Nguyen will work closely with you to bring an integrative and functional healthcare approach to empower your health and well-being.

Dr. Truc is ranked one of the top functional medicine doctor in Alpharetta in the vicinity of Duluth, Lawrenceville, Snellville, Johns Creek, and Norcross. As part of our practice of integrative functional medicine, we provide the best naturopathic treatment supported by science to Gwinnett County.

By addressing the underlying causes of their medical issues in order to provide remedies rather than side effects, her patients have earned her the reputation as the best functional medicine doctor Alpharetta
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Functional Medicine Wellness Shop

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We're here to help

What is Functional Medicine?

Identifying and treating the underlying causes of disease is a crucial component of the functional medicine approach to healthcare. Functional Medicine Alpharetta aims to comprehend the body and recognize imbalances that cause sickness, unlike traditional medicine, which frequently treats symptoms without addressing underlying issues.

To assist their patients in achieving optimal health, functional medicine practitioners employ various strategies, including dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, and dietary supplements. The underlying cause of an illness or condition is the root cause in the healthcare industry. Genetic, environmental, or lifestyle factors can all be root causes. Functional medicine strongly emphasizes locating and treating the underlying causes of disease.

What are the benefits of Functional Medicine Alpharetta?

Rather than simply treating symptoms, functional medicine can help identify and address the underlying cause of disease. A better state of health and well-being can result from this. Furthermore, because functional medicine adopts a personalized approach, it may be customized to meet each individual's needs and circumstances.

What differentiates functional medicine from traditional/conventional medicine?

Conventional medicine considers the body a collection of distinct systems, each with its disorders. On the other hand, functional medicine sees the body as a single integrated system. It also considers the particular variables that apply to each individual, such as lifestyle, diet, environment, and heredity.

What is the price of Functional Medicine Alpharetta?

Best Functional medicine Doctor alpharetta costs vary depending on the doctor you see and how complicated your problem is. Functional medicine may help whether you have a chronic illness or want to improve your overall health and well-being. It can deliver an efficient and comprehensive treatment method suited to each patient's particular requirements by treating each person as an individual and addressing the cause of the disease.

Does Dr. Tru prescribe medications?

Yes, she is legally allowed to prescribe, but it depends on the patient. Our medical staff, especially Dr. Tru, is a highly qualified and licensed professional team.

What are some common illnesses that functional medicine can treat?

A wide range of chronic diseases, including allergies, autoimmune diseases, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, and mental health issues, can be treated using functional medicine.

Can functional medicine be used alongside other forms of treatment?

Yes, many patients discover that they can improve their general health and well-being by combining functional medicine Alpharetta with conventional treatments like medication or surgery. However, before adjusting your treatment plan, please talk with your healthcare professional.

When should I consult the best  functional medicine Alpharetta specialist?

In addition to treating chronic symptoms, functional medicine promotes health maintenance and prevention. Many people turn to functional medicine when they wish to avoid using lifetime prescriptions for chronic disorders.

What can I expect from my first appointment with a functional medicine Alpharetta doctor?

During your initial visit, Dr.Truc will inquire about your medical background, present symptoms, and way of life. Then, they will perform a physical examination and provide any required laboratory orders. They will create a unique treatment plan for you based on this information.

Can I get services from Functional Medicine alpharetta if I don't have a chronic condition?

Absolutely! Always take precautions. To help you feel (and remain) healthy for years, we now provide Primary Functional Care services and our chronic illness therapies.

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